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One day as I'm reading about this disease I never heard of before, Celiac disease, I noticed that low vitamin D, which was the only thing off in my blood tests, was associated with absorption problems in fat soluble vitamins. A deficiency in B12 has also been linked to numerous nerve related disorders. In light of the fact that I was already taking high quality supplements and additional vitamin D, 2000 mg, daily, this was my first clue that my health problems could be related to Celiac disease.

​Armed with this information , I asked my Rheumatologist to test me for Celiac disease. Thankfully, my doctor was open to the idea and when the results came back positive for Celiac disease, I followed up with a endoscopy to confirm the diagnosis. Interestingly, my Gastrologist still did not believe I had Celiac disease because I did not have complete villous atrophy, the flattening of tiny finger like projections that line the intestine and absorb nutrients. A biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of Celiac disease.

I am extremely grateful that once my symptoms of pain became severe I was diagnosed rather quickly. Many times this is not the case and blood tests can come back false/positive and are not always extremely accurate.

As a health coach and someone who has been down the road of non diagnosis and misdiagnosis , I feel a thorough health history of not only the client, but of immediate family members coupled with their dietary habits in childhood and adulthood, increases their chance of accurately finding the underlying cause which can point to definitive testing and diagnosis.

At 54 years of age, I know that my symptoms didn't appear overnight. Looking back over my life. I had many of these symptoms associated with Gluten intolerance, bladder infections, hair loss, tremors sensitive stomach, constipation. Gluten intolerance is a permanent, genetically based intolerance to ingested gluten that results in chronic inflammation and systemic autoimmune response. Celiac disease is just one of many autoimmune disorders and illnesses that manifest over time.

The good news (yes, there is good news) is that a strict Gluten free diet can not only relieve your symptoms, but also reverse some of the damage and bring you to a state of health and well being that you never felt befo