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Hello my friends, welcome to body food connection.

I started this website not only to share my experiences as a Health coach, but as a fellow traveler in the world of chronic invisible diseases. I fully understand the sheer frustration, pain and overwhelming feelings when dealing with autoimmune and chronic illnesses. My own story which you can read in about me talks of my diagnosis with Celiac Disease and Babesia a (lyme co- infection).

Eight years later and i'm proud to have graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. However I feel my life experience along with my quest through research in all areas of health are my greatest asset. I know I truly appreciated the brave souls who shared their hard earned insights and lessons they learned on there road to healing and remission. For me personally real organic whole food including herbs has had the biggest impact on my health thus the name Body Food Connection.

As a Health Coach I look at all aspects of health including Food,Movement, Social, Spiritual, Work,Stress,Toxins and past infections.You see I believe that health is cumulative and that sometimes a tipping point finally sets a chronic condition in motion and like a run away train it keeps gathering steam until we redirect it.Knowing the cause can help but isn’t always necessary to understand that one or most likely more of the 7 system disruptors played apart insetting the chronic illness in motion.

Many autoimmune diseases develop over time because the immune system has become dysfunctional. I offer a holistic approach to start addressing the whole body as well as the individual symptoms.

When you invest in your health with me You’ll lean:

1) How to heal the Body through the power of Food and feel more alive and free of pain then you ever thought possible.

2) How to improve Gut Health (the key to healthy immune system) and improve digestion and Bonus..Weight Loss..

3) How to stop inflammation and get glowing skin along with Better Sleep ( so important for healing)

4) Teqniques to use for healthy affordable cooking to get the most nutritional value out of your food.

5) What the top herbs and supplements are to prevent disease and promote longevity.

6) How to detect toxins in your environment and take actions to prevent exposure.

7) How to have a positive and productive relationship with the medical system and get the right tests labs you need.

And much much more…

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Katrina Rubin Health Coach