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How This Works

The first stop for anyone with concerns about their health should always be your doctor. But what do you do when your exam is done, the blood tests come back and your doctor assures you that you are fine? Worse, what do you do when the doctor cannot isolate the core issue and instead gives a diagnosis of chronic fatigue or Fibromyalgia?

This is where I can work with you to help identify the cause and more importantly, gain relief.

My goal is to not mask the pain or symptom, but to eliminate the need for masking.

Set up a 40 minute..Complementrary Health History Today!

Leave your email and i will send you a Confidential Health History to fill out.

We can talk by Phone Skype or in Person.

when you send back forms I will give you 3 options of available times that week.

Dont wait this offer for Free Consult is only avilable till

Lets get a Head Start on the New Year Resloutions and Feel and Look Your Best

Katrina Rubin Health Coach