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BodyFoodConnection is a website dedicated to improving the health of those living with Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Lyme or Gluten-related complications

~Founded by Katrina Rubin~

Katrina Rubin

In my own personal journey to wellness I was told by all my doctors, or as I refer to them, all the (ologists) neurologists, rheumatologists etc., that my blood tests looked fine and nothing significant stood out.   With ever increasing numbness, electric pains in hands and feet and loss of balance, clearly I was not fine.  I started desperately searching the internet in hopes of finding some case study or research that would point me in a direction to finding what was wrong with me.  

Story continued below in "About Me" Blog

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Hello my friends, welcome to body food connection. I started this website not only to share my experiences as a Health coach, but as a fellow traveler in the world of chronic invisible diseases. I fully understand the sheer frustration, pain and overwhelming feelings when dealing with autoimmune and chronic illnesses. My own story which you can read in about me talks of my diagnosis with Celiac Disease and Babesia a (lyme co- infection). Eight years later and i'm proud to have graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. However I feel my life experience along with my quest through research in all areas of health are my greatest asset. I know I truly appreciated the brave souls who

About Me

(Continued from top of Home Page) One day as I'm reading about this disease I never heard of before, Celiac disease, I noticed that low vitamin D, which was the only thing off in my blood tests, was associated with absorption problems in fat soluble vitamins. A deficiency in B12 has also been linked to numerous nerve related disorders. In light of the fact that I was already taking high quality supplements and additional vitamin D, 2000 mg, daily, this was my first clue that my health problems could be related to Celiac disease. ​Armed with this information , I asked my Rheumatologist to test me for Celiac disease. Thankfully, my doctor was open to the idea and when the results came back po

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